Rasayana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)

Poovar Island Resort, Poovathoor, Nedumangad, Kerala


7 Days

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50 persons




Rasayana Chikilsa means 'Rejuvenation', this Ayurvedic treatment aims at achieving vitality and a healthy life. The underlying theory behind this treatment is to reverse the degenerative processes taking place in the body. This is achieved by bringing about a balance of the body, mind, and soul through rejuvenating the functional systems of the body. The treatment claims to retard the process of aging hence it's the ideal package for those who want to look and feel young and healthy.

To reenergize your mind, body, and soul, our Rasayana Chikilsa programme delivers an exquisite fusion of Ayurvedic therapies, nourishing treatments, and holistic health practises. Get lost in Poovar Island Resort's tranquil atmosphere as you set off on a transforming journey of renewal and well-being. Featured in the programme: Individualised Advice: Start your Rasayana Chikilsa programme off with a thorough consultation with one of our knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctors. They will evaluate your particular constitution, health objectives, and worries to develop a treatment strategy that is personalised to your needs. A variety of conventional Ayurvedic therapies that support renewal, relaxation, and balance are available. 

These treatments, which range from calming Abhyanga (oil massage) to reviving Pizhichil (medicated oil bath), are meant to nurture your body and mind while restoring vigour. Benefit from the therapeutic properties of natural treatments and Ayurvedic herbs. Our knowledgeable therapists will use herbal remedies, restorative herbal baths, and herbal wraps to help your body detoxify, strengthen immunity, and encourage general rejuvenation. Sattvic Diet: A Sattvic diet, which consists of fresh, vegetarian, and organic foods, will nourish your body. 

Duration of the Programme 7 or 14 Days

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