Kayakalpa Chikilsa (Body Immunization)

Poovar Island Resort, Poovathoor, Nedumangad, Kerala


7 Days

Retreat Type

Hotel Packages

Group Size

50 persons




Kayakalpa Chikilsa is the prime body care program for slowing down the degeneration of cells and tissues thus improving immunity. It is highly recommended to reduce the effects of chronic ailments or illnesses.

The Kayakalpa Chikilsa procedure combines a number of Ayurvedic procedures, such as herbal remedies, specialised food plans, cleansing methods, and therapeutic massages. Toxins are removed from the body, the doshas (energy forces) are balanced, and the body's natural equilibrium is restored during the therapy.

The herbal remedies utilised in Kayakalpa Chikilsa are carefully chosen for their capacity to strengthen the immune system and promote rejuvenation. These plants are thought to hydrate the tissues, improve cellular regeneration, and foster wellbeing.

Additionally, particular dietary recommendations are followed throughout the course of the treatment, placing an emphasis on the consumption of wholesome foods and herbal remedies. To purify the body and get rid of built-up toxins, detoxification methods like Panchakarma may also be used.

Duration of the Programme 7 or 14 Days

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