Frequently Asked Questions

What types of retreats are there?

At WellnessAyur you can find the following types of retreats: those related to personal growth, rest retreats, meditation retreats, yoga, detox, tantra retreats, silence, and travel.

What are the benefits of going on a retreat?

"The benefits of a retreat are many and can be grouped into three different planes: mind, body, and soul.  On a retreat, you will find a space where you can find inner peace, disconnect from your daily routine, reduce stress, address problems from a different perspective, socialise with others, benefit from meditation and mindfulness, or work on unresolved issues in a comfortable environment. "

What are the advantages of yoga and Ayurveda in health withdraws in India?

1. Upkeep of Healthy Skin and Hair - You can accomplish solid skin and hair without burning through an excess of cash on excellent medicines by essentially following an Ayurvedic diet and rehearsing yoga consistently. The ayurvedic diet incorporates high-cell reinforcement food varieties, teas, spices, vegetables, protein, and solid fats. You can accomplish great hair and skin by having a fair dinner, yoga, and Ayurvedic supplements.

2. Assists in Losing With weighting - A solid eating routine and change in your way of life through Ayurvedic treatment and yoga will assist you with shedding overabundance muscle to fat ratio quicker. The way of life incredibly affects your weight. Ayurvedic diet and pranayama will assist your body with getting detoxified and assist you with accomplishing a conditioned body. Few out of every odd kind of diet is good for everybody. An expert will actually want to decide the best eating regimen for you as indicated by your dosha type.

3. Yoga - We can't stay immaculate from stress nowadays. Be that as it may, we can track down ways of lessening it and embrace a peaceful everyday practice. Yoga works on personal satisfaction and shows you how to deal with the external part by dealing with the internal identity. A portion of the advantages of yoga is a decrease in pressure, improvement in strength, adaptability and expanded resistance. Yoga makes a congruity between our body, brain and soul which prompts a solid way of life. To have a sound way of life this large number of three perspectives ought to be adjusted. Yoga isn't just about bowing forward and in reverse yet is addition about grasping your still, small voice.

4. Reflection - Reflection helps in quieting your psyche. It helps in loosening up your nerves and advances your general prosperity. It additionally brings down hypertension, works on the insusceptible framework, and increments energy level and focus. It diminishes pressure and nervousness, works on close-to-home security and increments care. The above are the best yoga and well-being withdraws.

What are the Best ladies’ heaths withdraws?

1. Dealing with the Root of Diseases - Ayurveda is an old elective medication science that adopts a comprehensive strategy for overseeing different infections. While present-day medication may frequently give speedy help by dispensing with only the apparent side effects, Ayurveda arrives at the base of the sickness and attempts to make due, control or work on the condition.

2. Weight Management - Ayurveda is an aid that can assist with working on your way of life and shift to a cleaner, better-eating routine in the end. Likewise, as Yoga and Ayurveda centre around improving and keeping up with your general wellbeing, the day-to-day practice may likewise improve your digestion, ultimately assisting you with keeping a beware of your weight.

3. Yoga - Increasing Flexibility and Mobility, While yoga is one of the best approaches to planning for profound contemplations, its advantages go far past that from expanding adaptability to keeping your muscles heated up, yoga does everything. Muscle exhaustion can frequently be brought about by serious exercises without legitimate extending. Yoga is a training that can assist with making your body more adaptable, and your muscles stronger. It can positively be added to your pre-exercise warm-up daily practice, as a few yoga asanas can make you stretch your body parts and delivery any leftover strain.

4. A Natural Detox - At times we might feel or understand the presence of poisons inside our bodies. This can be shown through various signs. From blockage to inordinate skin break out, all are aftereffects of the poisons overwhelming inside our framework. 

What is best Panchakarma Treatment?

The lovely mix of Yoga and Ayurveda can assist us with fighting these poisons out. A few strategies you can adjust for taking poisons out of your body. Purvakarma and Panchakarma: Purvakarma should send the poisons to your inside and skin for them to be killed out. The interaction includes oil rub, steaming and admission of ghee and so forth. Moving further, Panchakarma treatment dispenses with these poisons and restores the body through five medicines. 

What is the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala?

Ayurveda has the differentiation of being the most established clinical framework known to man and the most seasoned and most exhaustive otherworldly lessons on the planet. Ayurveda depends on the rule of keeping harmony between the interrelated connections inside the body and brain. It assists the patient with grasping the advantages of knowing their body and psyche and living in a personal connection with nature. The southern piece of India is notable for traveller objections as well as customary medicines where the area is generally covered with colossal plants and trees. Kerala is most likely the main state in India where Ayurveda is utilized as standard medication.

The purpose for Kerala has turned into the best state for Ayurvedic treatment is that Kerala is renowned for Kalari(Kalaripayattu) which is military workmanship as well as it incorporates various kinds of activities and oil back rubs to fix various sorts of illnesses.

The Kalaripayattu prepared to fight as well as fostered a scope of recuperating modalities known as Kalari Chikitsa. A large portion of the ayurvedic specialists follows Kalari for a superior comprehension of the human body and its functionalities.

Both Kalari and ayurvedic medicines are interrelated and can adjust the body and brain. The south Indian states are exceptional with Ayurveda and conventional medicines. South India is viewed as one of the most outstanding traveller objections on the planet.

South India is popular for its conventional culture and lovely scenes. Kerala is one of the most amazing traveller objections and gives customary medicines. Numerous emergency clinics and exploration focuses are giving the best Ayurvedic medicines in Kerala.

Carrying on with a Yogic Life implies first carrying the body to a condition of wellness and adaptability where the psyche and soul are not hauled somewhere near the ills of the body. As the body slides into wellbeing, the brain and soul are liberated to investigate past to regions empowering you to centre, be quiet, and achieve some important separation from stress.

Arrival and departure timings?

Generally, the check-in time in all the retreats and places is 1400hrs. Everyone will be welcomed cordially on arrival. If in case you are about to reach early to the retreat, do let us or the retreat know and any early check-in is subject to availability or extra cost.

Late arrivals are not recommended as you are likely to miss something which might be crucial as a start of the program.

The retreatants are scheduled to depart by 12:00 pm.

Programme details?

Accommodation facility is available with specified breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as per the booking terms. No one is allowed to eat outside during the retreat. We will provide vegetarian Satvik food every day and on the day of departure, only breakfast will be provided.

Ayurvedic/wellness treatment is the essence of this program which is the soul of this retreat practice. Yoga, wellness and Ayurveda go hand in hand together. We will have the session of Ayurveda conducted by the ayurvedic physician who will teach you according to your needs. The ayurvedic treatment involves practices to detoxify your body, balance mind and body, improve your immune system and increase your mindfulness.

ID Card type?

Indian Nationals are requested to carry photo-identity proof in the form of an Aadhaar card, driver’s license, passport, voter’s ID or a PAN card to complete the registration process required while checking in.

Foreign nationals are requested to produce their passport with a valid entry visa. The validity of your passport must be for 6 months from your date of entry into India and it should have 2 blank pages upon entry. For those on employment or permanent residence, passports must include a residential permit. This is mandatory for completing the registration process at the time of check-in and preparation of the C Form.

Room service policy?

A balanced well diet (Satvik) will be provided for everyone at the same time in the dining room. Our retreatants enjoy the nutritious food served here with amazing taste and variety by using organic vegetables from the local farmers. No one is allowed to dine in the room unless any specific treatment on the doctor’s recommendation is going on.

Vegan food is also served to our retreatants in most of the retreats if required.

Visitor’s policy?

Visitors are allowed to pay a visit if prior permission is taken from the receptionist within an allotted time slot only.

Wi-Fi policy?

Wi-fi is provided in every room for specified hours to be updated and advisable to avoid it at night after 22:00 hours.

Alcohol Policy?

Alcohol, tobacco, smoking and any other sort of liquors is strictly prohibited in the centre, room or premises.

If any of this activity is noticed in the room then a punishable charge will be charged as per the policy of the retreat.

Mobile policy?

We would advise you not to carry any of the digital devices with you for a better connection with yourself.

If carried mobiles are asked to be switched off during the session and is only allowed to be used inside the room.

Cancellation policy?
  • If cancelled 14 days prior to the arrival date 50% refund will be processed. There will be 5% cancellation charges in case payment is done via Payment Gateway/Credit/Debit card
  • Any cancellation or postponement made within 14 days to check in, 100% of the bill value will be levied
  • No Show & Early check out shall be charged 100% full amount
  • The booking confirmation is subject to availability at the time of making advance payment
  • 100% advance shall be paid 14 days prior to the arrival date for the confirmation
Cards Accepted?
  • Visa, Mastercard credit cards and debit cards are all accepted.
  • Pre-arrival Guidelines:
  • Recent medical history of each guest
  • Recent lab reports, if any
  • Details of travel, including all stops made en-route
  • Recent travel history, both domestic and international
  • Valid ID and address proof
  • E-pass is mandatory
  • Vaccination certificate, if any
  • We suggest you carry breathable and flexible clothes for Yoga
  • RTPCR test report (International travellers – 72 hrs and domestic travellers – 48 hrs) – as per the prevailing guidelines
  • The voucher will be generated 24 hours after receiving the full payment
  • Our representative will contact you 24 to 48 hours before your arrival to confirm your check-in time and mode of transport. This is critical to ensure a flawless check-in experience
Programme and diet Policies?
  • The major session of the program is for one hour and the subjective therapy will be for an additional one hour according to the requirement of different treatments by different people.
  • The major program will be held every day and will be cancelled only in times of serious illness, fever or poor health breakdown.
  • Females are not advised to follow the major program during the menstrual cycle and another suitable program will be scheduled by the physician or doctor in charge.
  • The treatment will be designed according to individual requirements and treatment will be done accordingly.
  • A well-balanced diet will be provided made from the organic vegetables grown there.
  • Herbal medicines are advised to be taken timely for better results.
  • All of the schedules and the medicines, food, and yoga are advised to be done regularly with efficiency to get the maximum benefits from the retreat.
What will be my schedule throughout the day?

A physician/coach will be assigned to you who will allow you a required treatment plan according to your needs. A morning session from 6:00 am including different morning rituals, yoga exercises, meditation, and therapies will be performed. Different recreational activities to get connected with your mind, body and soul will be taught.

Do you have a spa or massage?

Yes, we do offer wellness, massage and ayurvedic treatments for a nourishing and calm experience. You can view the different types in the booklet provided to you.

My partner and I want to join the course together but we have different requirements?

Yes, both of you can choose your plans according to your requirement and you can stay together in the room.

Is there any laundry service?

Yes, we do provide laundry service but it will be on alternate days and for selective hours.

Are ATMs or moneychangers available?

Yes, there are ATMs available in the town but due to any electricity or issues, it is advised not to wait till the last minute and carry the cash priorly with you.

What should I bring with me?
  • A fine set of loose clothes for each day to keep you pleasant
  • A swimming costume if you wish to spend time in the swimming pool
  • A lightweight jacket in the evenings to keep you warm
  • Two pairs of shoes, one for cycling, running, and walking activities and the other for indoor use.
  • Torch or headlamp if in case there is a power shortage 
  • Flip flops for indoor use only
  • An umbrella or raincoat during monsoon season and a cap during summer.
  • Any guidance on how to choose a treatment plan?e an online meeting schedule with you of one hour wherein you will be advised of your beneficiary plan based on your ailment.
Why choose our wellness stay?

We assure you with our services and treatment that you will bring transformation in your life after the program.

With our holistic approach, we tend to give our guests the best of what they need and a life-enriching experience that they will cherish lifelong with no regrets.

Our wellness treatment is planned and designed by specialists in yoga, meditation and ayurvedic doctors.

Can I get more information on the activities and benefits of each programme?

Yes, you can get all the details and descriptions of the programme in the brochure available at the retreat.